Monday, February 25, 2013

Out of your Box challenge on Scrappy Diva's

Hello Everyone I know its been a while sense I blogged. Mostly because of my health. I will try to get caught up with all my past projects. Life as thrown a lot at me lately and I am trying to catch the balls one at a time and deal with them as the come. But as you know it life does not like to toss you one problem at a time. Anyways to take my mind off the avalanche of hard hits I joined a challenge at Scrappy Divas.

So the challenge is to actually challenge your self and your partner to a project you have been wanting to try. Now there are tons and tons of projects I have yet to try. But for some reason altering boxes and using flowers intimidates me. Actually anything that requires layering and using lots of embellishments intimidates me. Why? Because of my OCD and wanting things seam line and perfect. If I have two of something on one side there has to be two of something on the other. I get frustrated when I see to much going on in one area and overwhelmed when a lot is on the project. Its very much a mind over load for me. Its very hard to explain. I am very much a visual person, but things need to be in order for me for my mind to function. I call this my Autism trait. I got tons of them ;o)

Anyway I did create one altered box before this project. Here it is... As you can see it's very seam line, its not super busy at all. On either side of the dye cut in the middle there is a spray of flowers. But as you can tell there is an equal number of flowers on each side and the spray is pretty much the same. The pearls down the sides are even the flowers on the top have a pattern as well as the pearls. The top center flower is a flower I made using box pleated trim and it is actually used as a handle to open the box. I will be keeping my scentsy Bars in this. Its a fairly large box. Ok so you can see there is no layering, its pretty simple, yet its pretty. I love it actually. But its not out of my comfort zone just yet. Most of my Altered projects are not out of my comfort zone. I can tell you this challenge for me to beat my OCD tendencies will be very hard for me.

Ok so here is a picture of the box I will be altering for the challenge. As you can see its a smaller box. Yup did that on purpose. Figured if I can start small on using lots of embellishments and going out side my comfort zone it will be easier. This is just a box my new cell phone came from. I dont plan on returning it so I am going to use it. Plus I just like the style of the box and it can hold still a lot so it will be perfect for this challenge.

Not sure if this will turn into a swap yet. Still waiting on my partner for the challenge to see if that is something they want to do.

Ok ladies so wish me luck that I can get all fancy and use embellishments without worrying if there are equal numbers, and yadda yadda yadda. Ok so I will do another blog soon with the finished project. I have two weeks to complete this bad boy.

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