Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lace flowers

So I have been having fun making some lace flowers. Here is the tutorial on youtube that I posted for them. One is done by a running stitch the other one is a No Sew Lace Flower. They are super easy and super fun to make.

I am thinking about making a bunch of them to sale as well. Hence thinking about it. They will be hard to give up as I like to make them so much and they are perfect for my craft projects.

However, a lot of my projects I put up for sale. So I guess in the end they would get sold. hee hee

So here are a few pictures of the lace flowers I have made. I hope you enjoy watching the tutorial and making some for your self as well.

These are the first lace flowers I made. Except for one. The first one on this picture is a flower made of burlap. Which was fun to make as well. And I have already used that one on a project.

This one is actually a No Sew flower. The youtube video I have put up shows you how to make this. The center is a cute vintage button. I want to make some more of these. But I need to go to SAS to get some more pleated lace. Pleated lace is perfect for this no sew lace flower.

This one is made using the running stitch. The white lace I love. Its a very stretch lace and its perfect to work with. I actually used for the center of the white flower another running stitch lace flower I made. I thought it went well together. 


  1. Love Love Love this technique!!! I am going to try it today... :)
    Thank you for sharing you amazing talent!!!

    1. Not a problem. I love to share. You must share your pictures of them once they are done. I would love to see.