Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Earth Day Junk Journal Challenge

April I was party of a Earth Day Junk Journal Challenge. Mimi Dibble one of the Admins on Scrappy Divas set up this challenge.

I am bummed I forgot to do a short video on it. So I will blog about it instead. Plus its been a while sense I have blogged on my Crafty page.

So the idea is to use junk items that you would have tosses, you have found, given to you, etc. No items from your stock could be used. No commercial paper craft items, etc

So my front cover here. Front is material from a dress that would have other wise been tossed. Some scrap plastic tassel on the front. Spine is canvas from a ruined painting that I saved. And the flower is made of tore jeans. Tie is made of Kitchen twine. I really love how the cover came out.

The inside pages like this one. I used old buttons and made flowers out of scrap material. The pocket is made out material as well. The pages are from ads you get in the mail. I sewed them together to make a book. And then covered them in this case with news paper. So many fun ideas you can do and make with recycled material.s This happens to be one of my favorite pages.

This page was fun to make. I made it like a flip pages it opens up to three different areas so that you can put pictures, etc in.

I used bubble wrap and paint to add texture to the ads. Used my butterfly punch to punch out from the ads in the paper. Tissue paper from packing material. All kinds of ideas to make a junk journal from.

This was a fun page to make. I loved using the bubble wrap to give the paper texture.

This was one of my favorite pages. I painted the ads black to cover them up. And then took old music sheet paper tore it all up and glued them down. The flower is made from scrap lace as well. See such simple recycling makes such a cool page.

Well there was many many more pages. But these are a few of my favorites. I hope my partner enjoys the book, as much as I do. I really had a lot of fun making it. Till next time. Scrap on!!!!

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