Monday, January 7, 2013

Love is in the Air.....

Love is in the air
Yes Indeed Love is in the air. I made this card the other night. While most are celebrating Valentines in February. And while I don't recognize that day for personal reasons. Lets face it for February Love is in the air for me. Why yes February 17th happens to be my husband and I's Anniversary. We will be Married for 12 years. No his card is not for our Anniversary. I will have to create something a bit more Manley or superheroish. Is that even a word? Needless to say it has put a little Love bug in me and I decided to make something with LOVE in it. So this is the card I came up with.

Then I got to thinking. Our School Auction is coming up for Rise & Shine. I love to always donate something crafty to the auction. I most likely will still donate a gift certificate for my Art work from Abstract Mind by Wlo. (shameless Plug)... But I wanted to do something more. But here is some valuable information about Rise & Shine and the Auction, or what I posted on my FaceBook Page. Want to donate to the cause after you read about it. Email me at

"Rise & Shine SchoolHouse is holding its next quarterly Auction on Feb 2nd. Rise & Shine Schoolhouse is dedicated to make sure that tuition is never a barrier for our students. We help them by obtaining grants and scholarships. And one way of doing this is through fundraising for our private school. Rise & Shine Exceptional services LLC is the only Private school in Maricopa that services exceptional children. What is an Exceptional child? An Exceptional Child could be Special needs, gifted, Medically Fragile, or a child that just did not thrive within the public school system. Rise & Shine’s mission is to empower these students to rise above significant barriers, discover their talents and gifts & to shine as inspirational leaders within their community. Please go here to participate in the auction
Or you can go here to see what Rise & Shine is up to and all the great things our kids are doing.

You can go also take a look at our main website at

So that being said here is a picture of the DayBook I am creating for the Auction. 

Love DayBook
Like Always it will be hard for me to give up my work. Because I end up loving everything I create. But I also like giving away my stuff I create as well. And lets face it this is for a great cause. And I love volunteering I always have. Did I mention my position at the school I fully volunteer my time as School Administrator. This is how much I love the school, and how much it means to me. So Love is in the air for me for February. School Auction, Anniversary... The best gift my family and friends can give to me is to donate an item to the Auction. You will not regret it <3 I do have a list of wants too ;oP

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