Friday, January 11, 2013

Card making for this Planet Scrappy Mom.....

So my friend Terrie Surface from One Crafty Cookie. You can follow her Facebook Page HERE or subscribe to her Youtube videos HERE and her Blog HERE.

So Anyway she is such an inspiration to me. She makes these wonderful beautiful cards and other wonderful crafts. Her Zibbet store front can be found HERE.

She has been inspiring me so much to go outside my comfort zone when creating cards. And on top of that she is so loving and kind and helpful. She has even helped out the school my kids attend with their next Auction fundraiser. These Fundraisers help keep our small private school open. You can learn more about the school HERE.

Here are a couple cards I made the last two days. I have had a few of my clients who purchase my art ask about if I am selling my cards. So that is what I will be doing. I will be selling my cards now. They will rang from $5.00 to $7.00 plus shipping depending on what embellishments I use for each card. You can go to my Facebook page HERE to see what I am up to as well.

I really like this card. This one is $7.00 because of the embellishments I have used. as well as the custom box envelope it will come in. I am finding it hard to give up my creations. I can't help but fall in love with every one of them and think they are all my babies. I know its silly. But when you put time and effort into something it really is hard to let go of. But out of my cards this is my favorite one. It also helps that I do love the Mariposa paper line.

This is the special friendship card I made. This one is only $5.00 as I did not use as many of the embellishments and is a more simple format. Less is sometimes better. And I really love how simple and bright this one is.

This one is called Hearts and Kisses. I got a lot of compliments over this card. This one is for sale as well. Because of the embellishments it is $7.00 plus shipping. And it will come with a box envelope.

Love is in the Air is not for sale. I made this to go along with my Love daybook that will be in my kids school Auction that will be held on Feb 2nd. To participate in the auction and bid on some lovely items you can go to our Facebook group where it will be held at over at this link HERE.

So I just want to thank Terrie for inspiring me. And all the women over at Scrappy Diva's are truly wonderful women.

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  1. Wendy your so welcome girl I'm so happy I can inspire anyone lol...I'm always so happy to help..Especially a new friend for life hugs Terrie