Saturday, January 5, 2013

Boy look at that DayBook....

Ben's Day Book
So Yes I started another DayBook. I am loving these. And I will be putting them on my items that I will make and sale. So if you want a custom DayBook. Contact me and I will make one for a special day you want to remember.

This one I am making for my Son Benjamin. I made the last one for my daughter Lana. I will be taking there pictures soon. Remember I am a photographer. Shameless Promotion. Go like my page over here at and remember to go like my Arts and Crafts page over at I promise you will not regret it.

So I always, for me at least, find it harder to create something for a Boy or a Man. Not sure if others have this issue. But its always a challenge for me. And one I am always willing to take on. Lets face it most men dont see the cards and crafts as sentimental as us ladies do. So Its always a awesome challenge to try to wow them. I have yet to WOW my husband with a Manly piece. But he is more into super heroes. I am going to surprise him though with a Super Hero piece. So he better watch out to be wowed soon.

This DayBook is far from being finished. But just wanted to share what I started. Again these are fun and easy to make. But for those who don't craft or don't have time. Contact me... I will create a special one for you.

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